Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's about time I'm back to update sorry people for the delay D:

Hmm So yeah I passed my Amaths test 25/30 Not bad right?xD
And we are back to log both sides for amaths YEAH! haha Our class de inside joke :P
So today went for competition for the hortpark we had to run around Singapore! Zai anot? LOL
So we left for school at around 7.50 than cab-ed to hortpark and left hortpark at around 9.15 and we chiong to our 1st stop MT FABER!!!! I feel a sense of accomplisment cause we scaled up MT FABER Cool right? Try it!!! It's so fun :DDDD Than we went to the jewel box and take picture after that take the shuttle bus down to reach harbour front than go raffles place and we got through that station in no time than went to city hall also took less than 5mins than ran off to Fort Canning Park we looked for the Rain tree like siao than finally found it took picture than huat to Labrador Nature Reserver fker sia that place waste us like 1hr to do wtf? Than we waited for the bus to come than mr khairul treat us to coke yay MR K FTW :D Than we found out we lost but it was fun though :DD Than cab-ed to JP with SC,Fiona,KahKeng for pepper lunch! Pepper lunch ftw :D after that went home bath-ed and took a short nap and here I am posting :D hmm Will be updating soon!
Bye!! Signing off~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello peeps!~ :D

Hmm... Today was ok I guess..
Just found out that arsenal lost to barcelona 4-1 rofl.. And Mr Ong never come today(He support arsenal de) We joke say that he see the match see untill pek chek don't want come teach us maths le LOOOOOOOL darn.. Idk what to post about D: Today nothing much happen la.. Darn I don't feel well ): Ok that's all for today's short post (:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Ok so yea.. I'm back to update~
Today was boring~
Chinese liao than jiu Maths, my whole mind totally went blank when I saw the co-ordinate geometry worksheet omfg!! I've got a test for that chapter this thursday and friday and I forgotten how to do it.. die liao.. Today's chem test is difficult like $#$%#@%^%$#, keith stupid lor, do mcq forget fill the blanks or the 3rd page, 10marks like that fly away le LOL after chem, pon-ed bio went for investiture at the hall, I had to sit down at the hall like statue for like 50mins =.= my back is aching while sitting there, I sit in first row somemore tmd =.= after the investiture rushed to bio lab for meeting for the cambodia service learning trip O.o Chew Kahkeng will be my roommate :DD
Still long la my trip.. I still got MYE to get past 1st hehe I got 1 full day during the exam period don't need come school :DDDDDD shiok right? After meeting went to quadrangle to play soccer with daryl kai sheng they all. I scored 2 goals yay :D, after playing soccer went to Ivan's house to do project. The keith damn funny, here is part of the convo.
Keith: Walao this water cushion or whatever it's called make my pants feel wet sia.
Me: You sure anot?
Keith: Yea la what the hell.
Than after that he took away that thing than I found out that there was a hole in that water bag.
I was laughing like mad during that moment LOL after finish le go home (:
That's all for today's post (:

Bye people~ (:

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey people I'm back to update =DDD

Hmm.. So on April's fools day nothing much happened early in the morning untill after reccess when I turned the whole class tables and chairs and the teacher's table to the back of class LMAO
Well.. Mr Ong doesn't seem to be amused, lucky he close one eye or else die le lol anyways, maths lesson was fun, but during geog is omfg, I was reading my reader digest, than Mrs Chia suddenly tell me, 'Roy, write a 200 word reflection to the tiger(which is at the back of our class at the noticebaord)on why you didn't pay attention in class' I was like 'Wtf?!?! I was just reading a book for like less than 5mins than I have to write a 200word reflection to a non-living thing? Btw min sein also kenna, but he is caught eating sweets in class but still write 200word reflection =P His reflection aizai start off with ' Hi Mr.Tiger!! I am not writing this so that I can increase the number of words for my reflection, I am writing this because I have to. So I am writing this thing for a few obvious reasons.' Aizai right? LOL anyways we finished our geog and reflection than put at Mrs Chia pigeon hole than went to play bb, play halfway than rain, tmd =.= Than I no mood so go Student hub slack awhile than saw clam, asked her to come along with me to canteen lol. Than saw Anabelle and Felicia, than ask them want do homework together anot, than do do do, I say don't do le no mood lol, I have to stay back for the Investiture rehearsal >.> Chng Weihao is our new president!! *Claps!!* I'm the level manager -.-(Useless one do nothing one sia) Guess what Sarah did? She complained to Miss Tracey on why she isn't the Exco lol.............
She very thick-skin sia =.= Anyways rehearsals ended at around 5.30? Than home-ed~

Ok that's all for this post cya!! (:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last day of March people =DD

Guess what big event is tommorow???

It is...
Once a year only lei, play prank won't tio scolded =DDD
Thinking of what prank to play on people tommorow O.o
Aiyah, people confirm will on guard de lor sian ):
Tmr last day of school for the week =DD
Friday is good friday gonna watch Clash Of the Titans 3D with friend on that day =D
Actually want watch How to Train your Dragon de but hor stupid cinemas never play these movies on this date =.=
Oh yea on Monday the bio teacher write the colours of rainbow ROYGBIV guess what Fatin said it was? 'Roy Got Boyfriend In Vietnam' What the fark? I am not gay!! I am a normal boy and I have never been to Vietnam in my whole life!!!! But overall still good la that lesson 3E5 ftw =D
Hmm, Today was sports heats actually I was supposed to go for the running 200m event but hor yesterday play soccer with Ivan and Singyee, Ivan kick my leg, than injured, can't run LOL I should thank Ivan?xD Tommorow stupid teachers confirm spam us with homework de D:
I've got 3brackets in my progress report, not bad but not good either, I need to buck up!!
Hmm.. That's all for todays post, will be updating tommorow (: Cya people!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hi people back to update (:

Hmm no maths homework miracle right?=D Lunia is getting more fun and fun (: You people should try it (It's gonna be hard at first but it's ok(: ) Argh nothing to post here >.> Plain lame weekends as usual, I'm lazy to do my homework. No mood to do anything today.. Last sentence for this post' I failed as a friend...'


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello people updating this plain blog of mine (:

Ok hmmm woke up at 6.20, showered than chiong and bring bro to mom, than took bus to school, than go school do maths homework. After that, normal lessons blah blah blah, than 2 hrs of maths than SS lesson(Never even listen to what kind of shit Mr Ting is teaching -.-) After that went to bio lab for the Cambodia meeting, I have to pay $445 for the whole trip we are taking silk air and living in 4star hotel worth it bo? haha than found out Teng Chew, Kah Keng and Cavier going :D oh yea and Ashlea too O.o Than the Shahul(If I spelt correctly O.o) dunno if going anot, make Fiona and Wanxing so pek chek, if he don't go than Fiona and Wanxing will let here let there than in the end also dunno who is going lol after the meeting went to canteen to makan lunch, Jiaswee had 2plates of chicken rice O.o(饭桶 xD) makan finish le went up to class take things than the Jiaswee say want pei Steph,Hanis and Sheryl home then I jiu follow lor, than saw Singyee at bus-stop, I was like'Didn't she leave the school like half and hour ago? Why is she still at bus-stop lol' Than she told me she missed 2 buses, the 1st time was that she was at the traffic light than miss the 1st bus, 2nd miss was stupid, the bus just shoot pass and she didnt know LOL than I think Steph and Sheryl like angry with me for ps-ing them yesterday O.o but in the end not la haha =D hmm I guess there's nothing to post about today I guess O.o
Bye peeps~(:

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